Submitting papers to the National Writing Board

1. Who may submit papers for review by the National Writing Board?

You may submit a paper to the National Writing Board if you completed the paper before finishing secondary school and you have not yet enrolled in a college or university. You must be the sole author. The paper must be in English.

2. Who reads and rates my paper when I send it to the National Writing Board?

Each paper submitted to the National Writing Board is sent to two senior secondary instructors [Readers] who have been trained to evaluate the papers against an independent academic expository writing standard developed by The Concord Review.

3. How long does it take for me to receive my report?

It takes approximately twelve weeks. This ensures that there is enough time for the paper to be received, read, and rated, and for the three-page report to be written.

4. How does my report reach the colleges I am applying to?

The National Writing Board only sends its reports to colleges at the student's request. Each student must contact us with a list of colleges that he or she is applying to. We  then send their report via email to the admissions office of each college requested.

5. May I submit the same paper to the National Writing Board and The Concord Review?

Yes. We would like you to note that the submission and evaluation processes for The Concord Review and for the National Writing Board are completely separate. It is necessary to complete the submissions process for each separately. Please see the submissions guidelines for The Concord Review and the submissions guidelines for the National Writing Board.   

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