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Essay Subject   Author Notes Hometown Vol/Iss Yr

Issue 1

Bicentennial Reflections
Patricia Carroll Ham
Monterey, CA 1/1 F88
Marbury v Madison
Heidi Schwenzfeier
Charleston, SC 1/1 F88
Triangle Fire
Hadley Davis
Milton, MA 1/1 F88
Nationalism in South Africa
Angela Pilgrim
Devonport, Tasmania 1/1 F88
Hamilton and Burr
Jerome Reiter P Powerville, NJ 1/1 F88
Grapes of Wrath
Kate McNichols
Wallingford, CT 1/1 F88
Provincial Radio Campaign
Nao Kawamura
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1/1 F88
William Lloyd Garrison
Josiah Brown
Groton, MA 1/1 F88
Pequots vs. Settlers
Matthew Smith
New Haven, CT 1/1 F88
Tokyo War Crimes Trials

Sarah Smith
Oak Park, IL 1/1 F88
Frontier Conflict
P.A. Danaher
Queensland, Australia 1/1 F88

Issue 2

Woman Suffrage
Rachel Davidson P Newton, MA 1/2 W88
Conscription 1916-1917
Jane Allison Cooper
Devonport, Tasmania 1/2 W88
Elgin Marbles
Maggie Sakaki Tucker
Groton, MA 1/2 W88
Schism to Shi ah
Simon O Rourke
Albuquerque, NM 1/2 W88
Reform in Germany
Gilda Mann
Baltimore, MD 1/2 W88
Ordination or Subordination?
Cara E. Larson P Washington, DC 1/2 W88
Meech Lake Accord
Cheryl Tripp
Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada 1/2 W88
The O.A.S. -- A Success?
Cheryl R. Brumm P Glen Burnie, MD 1/2 W88
Dartmouth College Case
Josh Schifter
Bronx, NY 1/2 W88
Claire Gosney
Surrey, UK 1/2 W88
Fourth Amendment
Katharine A. Pacella P Longmeadow, MA 1/2 W88

Issue 3

All the Way with LBJ
Stephanie Pribil
Adelaide, Australia 1/3 Sp89
Noble Savage
Ellen Barry
Washington, DC 1/3 Sp89
Electoral College
Ethan Fenn
Milton, MA 1/3 Sp89
Brief Examination of Sufism
Stuart L. Popejoy
Albuquerque, NM 1/3 Sp89
Harlem Renaissance
Krista E. Horrocks P Glastonbury, CT 1/3 Sp89
Martin Van Buren
David H. Jacobs P Newton, MA 1/3 Sp89
Right to Privacy
Zena Rivera
Amityville, NY 1/3 Sp89
War of 1812
Connie Landry
Belleville, Ontario, Canada 1/3 Sp89
JFK and the Catholic Issue
Cliff Potter
Groton, MA 1/3 Sp89
Elizabeth Rudin
New York, NY 1/3 Sp89
Abolitionsist Tactical Thinking
Genny Ostertag P Oak Park, IL 1/3 Sp89

Issue 4

October Crisis
Sara Paskall P Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1/4 Su89
Nicholas Biddle
Nora Henke P Bronx, NY 1/4 Su89
Economic Sanctions
Christopher Eden P Annapolis, MD 1/4 Su89
War and Revolution 1905
Chris Harris
Albuquerque, NM 1/4 Su89
Chadwick Van Vacas
Tangier, Morocco 1/4 Su89
Benjamin Franklin
Robert Kurtz
Gahanna, OH 1/4 Su89
British Neutrality 1861-1865
W.R. Beckford
Southborough, MA 1/4 Su89
Susan LaFlesche Picotte MD
Teressa Lahmann P Walthill, NE 1/4 Su89
Alexander the Great
Eric Tröels Wiberg
Newport, RI 1/4 Su89
Japanese Internment
Maggie Sakaki Tucker
Groton, MA 1/4 Su89
Thomas Jefferson: Architect
Rachel P. Vallo
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 1/4 Su89


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P    Public school,
H    Home scholar,
E    Emerson Prize Winner
N    Emerson Prize Nominee.

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