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If you have questions about submitting essays to The Concord Review, feel free to email me at:, and I will respond. We need the best history papers we can find, and we welcome a chance to consider your best work.

Essay Requirements

  • You may submit a paper to The Concord Review if you completed the paper before finishing secondary school.
  • You must be the sole author.
  • The paper must be in English and may not have been previously published except in a publication of a secondary school that you attended.
  • Essays should be in the 4,000-6,000 (or more) word range, with Turabian (Chicago) endnotes and bibliography. The longest paper we have published was 21,000 words (on the Mountain Meadows Massacre...see it on this website).
  • Essays may be on any historical topic, ancient or modern, domestic or foreign, and must be typed or printed from a word processor.
  • Essays should have the notes and bibliography placed at the end (Chicago Style).
  • Essays must be printed and accompanied by a check for $40, made out to The Concord Review, and by our 'Form to Accompany Essays' and mailed to the address below.
    The author will receive the next four issues of the journal.

TCR Submissions
The Concord Review
730 Boston Post Rd., Suite 24,
Sudbury, MA 01776 USA

We will typeset papers in InDesign here. For more information or a current issue, contact Will Fitzhugh, Founder/Editor at fitzhugh@tcr.orgor call 1-800-331-5007 or (978) 443-0022.

Acceptance Procedure

Essays are accepted on a "rolling admissions" basis. Authors whose essays will be published are notified by letter the month before their paper comes out. The Concord Review is published quarterly, and issues arrive in September, December, March and June. Essays are eligible for at least the next four issues. We publish about 7% of the papers we get. A guideline:

"When in doubt, send it in."

Author Benefits

Each author who submits a paper and submission fee, receives the next four issues of the journal. Authors may purchase copies of the issue in which his or her essay is published in our bookstore. Individual reprints of their published essay (TCR Singles) can be created with a minimum order. Many authors have included their reprints with their college application materials. The Concord Review is the first and only journal in the world which publishes the academic work of secondary students, so our reprints usually make a distinctive contribution to an author's college application materials.

Academic Standards

The best way to judge the quality of the history essays we have published is to read several of the issues of the journal. We have published essays of fewer than 4,000 words, but we also receive and have published essays of 21,000 words. The average is about 5,500 words, with Turabian (Chicago) endnotes and bibliography. We advise that the author should prepare with considerable reading on the topic and that the essay go through at least one draft before it is polished and proofread for submission. We have not yet received essays from history students at all of the perhaps 40,000 eligible secondary schools around the world, but there is already a high level of international competition, and we have published essays from 35 countries so far.

Submission Form

Click on one of the following links to view the form and print it:

Concord Review Submission Form in PDF format (68 KB)

Concord Review Submission Form in plain text format.

Please fill out the form completely, and do not forget to include biographical information for our notes on contributors.

[We are a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) non-profit Massachusetts corporation.]

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