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The Concord Review Society [no longer supported by grants...4/2/2009]

The Concord Review Society (CRS) was founded in 2003 as an alumni organization for authors published in The Concord Review. Its mission is to promote varsity academics at the secondary level, by encouraging students to read serious non-fiction and to develop the thinking and writing skills that are at the heart of historical research. The Concord Review is founded on the premises that high school students are capable of producing good academic work, and that their work should be treated with respect.

In addition, the CRS serves as a way for former authors to stay in contact with each other and with The Concord Review. The Society aims to keep its members informed of fellow authors' activities and of developments at the Review, the National Writing Board, and the National History Club, through a biannual newsletter.

The Concord Review Society has over 200 members as of May 2005, consisting of undergraduate and graduate students, lawyers, doctors, businesspeople, scientists, journalists, editors, professors and even an officer in the U.S. Army. Australia, Canada, England, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, and most American states are represented in the Society. Members are highly motivated, successful people who pursue a wide range of interests, as a glance at the "Author Notes" section of the newsletter reveals.


The Concord Review Society Newsletter is issued biannually as a service to its members.

Fall 2003 Newsletter
Spring 2004 Newsletter
Fall 2004 Newsletter

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