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The Emerson Prize
2014 Winners [from Volume 24]

The Emerson Prize is awarded annually to students published in The Concord Review during the previous academic year who have shown outstanding promise in history at the high school level. Since 1995, 108 students have won the Emerson Prize. The laureates here are from California, Canada, China, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Singapore. Past laureates have come from Czechoslovakia, Canada, Louisiana, Florida, California, Tennessee, Vermont, Maryland, New Zealand, Texas, Russia, Washington State, Tennessee, Connecticut, Singapore, New Hampshire, Illinois, Japan, and New York. The 2014 Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize laureates include:

Rebecca Grace Cartellone, of Hudson, Ohio, a Senior at Western Reserve Academy in Hudson Ohio, had published a 7,111-word history research paper on the Three Gorges Dam. (Columbia)

Kathleen Wenyun Guan, of Singapore, a Senior at the United World College of Southeast Asia, had published a 6,103-word history research paper on the One Child Policy in China. (Georgetown School of Foreign Service)

Jessica Li, of Chester, New Jersey, a Senior at Kent Place School in Summit, New Jersey had published a 6,592 word history research paper on Kang Youwei (Kent Place School 2015)

Maya Tulip Lorey, of Oakland, California, a Senior at the College Preparatory School of Oakland, had published a 5,792-word history research paper on residential segregation in Berkeley, California. (Stanford)

Iris Robbins-Larrivee, of Vancouver, a Junior at the King George Secondary School in Vancouver, had published a 14,212-word history research paper on French Canadian Nationalism. (McGill)

Jonathan Slifkin, of New York, a Senior at the Horace Mann School in the Bronx, had published an 8,017-word history research paper on Brazilian Independence. (Harvard)

Ryan Y. Voon, of Groton, Massachusetts, a graduate of the Groton School, had published a 4,593-word paper
on an Anti-Confucian Campaign in China, and another 4,599-word paper on Americanizing the Mormons. (Harvard)

Gao Wenbin, of Qingdao, Shandong, China, a Senior at Qingdao No. 2 Middle School in Shandong, had published a 16,380-word history research paper on Chinese Liberalism. (Yale)

Copies of the 4 issues of Volume 24 can be purchased in our bookstore.  



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